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Looking for a connection to a like minded community? BRIGHTLinks wants to connect you with other families like yours. 

Apply to be a BRIGHTLinks family

BRIGHTLinks knows it takes a village and we want you to become a part of our community. 


BRIGHTLinks is a non-profit organization that exists to Build Relationships for Intellectually Gifted Home and Traditionally schooled (BRIGHT). We are here to help highly to profoundly gifted (HG/PG) children find a community in order to help them find their flock. Through this community, we help our children connect and flourish with one another.


BRIGHTLinks helps member families connect through both in person and virtual events such as children's classes, camps, HG/PG parent forum, whitelisted Minecraft server, webinars, and more.


Supporting our families and mission is the highest priority of the BRIGHTLinks organization. If your family is interested in being part of the BRIGHTLinks community, please complete the application: The application process helps to ensure that each family that joins the BRIGHTLinks community is as committed to our mission as we are.


If your application is accepted, there is an annual family membership fee of $36.


Please be sure to notify us of your submission by sending an email to 

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