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Being busy, being bored

Some families try to meet the needs of their PG student by staying in a traditional school.

School, they concede, offers more opportunity for socialization. The PG student will have opportunities for sports, clubs, art, and other activities difficult to provide from home.


But socialization often means PG kids in traditional school learn “to get along” by masking their own needs for the sake of the classroom.  Some students  find they must “adapt” to an

academic environment of near constant boredom in order to have a modicum of social interaction, which may not even be at their intellectual level. Other PG kids are unable to hide their own needs, finding themselves in more and more trouble. They learn to view themselves as "odd" or “weird”. The goal, to provide meaningful emotional and social development for PG kids is lost.


Even extracurricular opportunities fail to meet the passion and intensity the PG kid thirsts for.  Instead, yet again, their needs must be subordinated to the needs of the group or team.

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