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Any Gameschoolers Out There?

Hello BRIGHTLinks Families! Our family would like to share our love for “gameschooling” with you. Engaging in board games and card games with family and friends provides opportunities for excitement and learning that transcend worksheets, workbooks, and repetition found in traditional schooling. For our family, learning is enhanced and reinforced through board games.

For example, a favorite math game at our house is Prime Climb. In this game all math operations can be employed while applying strategies of when to use them. This game has grown with us!

Gameschooling is great for introducing topics in history, geography, or even art and music. These introductions can be the start of a deep dive into a new subject of interest for all kids, or a way to reinforce a weak area by turning it into a game.

My next installment will include more games across other subject matter, stay tuned!

In the meantime, are there any other “gameschooling” games that our BRIGHTLinks families enjoy playing? Please reply and share them!

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Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson
May 05, 2022

Thank you for posting this, Meghann! I look forward to seeing more information and ideas on Gameschooling.

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